Emergence of furniture hardware

Modern furniture design and furniture hardware protean closely cooperate with are inseparable.

Both hands, hinge, screws, bolts, or furniture design and the hardware specifications and varieties has the very big relations, say, without this hardware is not a good combination of furniture.

Apart from all the handle is small, which can make furniture bolt is more flexible. But can small, long or short the bolt hidden in the furniture plays an important connection function, make furniture can is the most basic unit, erect and furniture firm key.

 Various types of drawer slides flexibly, the key lies in the drawer slideway roles. A drawer slideway commercial: a little outrageous, light relief, will blow out the back of the drawer's original position. The content is not exaggerated promos performance. High quality, a high precision guide to modern furniture pulley adds a lighter.

All kinds of furniture are not only the door hinge also the laminator so simple. Pipe-type hinges various switch freebies, and a certain degree of elasticity, plus magnetic chuck to match with tight, can completely hide hinge parts installation.

Be installed in the door on an aerodynamic connecting rod, make furniture in the door when the switch, and can be more smooth and steady in a different position, a few high-grade furniture USES the pneumatic connecting device.

Italy produced a kind of like hinge and thus can like as a ladder, can be folded, can contractive, shrinkage after can absorb the roof. This kind of furniture hardware used in each layer can save stair between long-term demands.

Furniture hardware is in furniture production, but a very broad branch, for the development of standardization and serialization of furniture production convenient way up.

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