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How has the global covid-19 crisis impacted sourcing and manufacturing services in China?

During the initial stages of the global pandemic, factories in China were greatly impacted. They delayed the start of work after the Chinese New Year in 2020, the workforce was restricted, and many employees were required to be quarantined before returning to work.

As of September 2020, manufacturing had returned to normal to a large extent. The domestic supply chain for non-medical supply products has returned to full capacity and plants are no longer restricted to a minimum workforce.

While each plant needs to follow their and the state's guidelines, most plants are working normally today.

There are restrictions on the supply of materials used in the medical and personal protective equipment industry and some restrictions on imported materials.

Importers are advised that delays may occur due to future outbreaks, or ongoing supply shortages. Because of this, importers are advised to do their best to plan and begin production sooner rather than later.

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