The surface underneath your cabinets can also be used to keep items organized and off of countertops or the floor. Not only is this a great storage solution for items, but also it frees up interior cabinet space for housing other items.

Item No.NamePhotoSpecification  (mm)Material
RBG001R60Rail66.jpg600 x 40 x 32Steel
RBG001R90900 x 40 x 32Steel
RBG001R1201200 x 40 x 32Steel
RBG001H24Holder置物架.jpg245 x 121 x 17Steel
RBG001H34345 x 121 x 17Steel
RBG001H58580 x 121 x 17Steel
Knife BlockRBG001KB.jpg252 x 56 x 255Steel
RBG001HK2.jpg80 x 48 x 55Steel
RBG001HK6HookRBG001HK6.jpg250 x 48 x 55Steel
RBG001S.jpg345 x 123 x 255Steel
RBG001LHL HolderRBG001LH.jpg345 x 123 x 255Steel
RBG001TR1Towel RackRBG001TR1.jpg105 x 137 x 272Steel
RBG001TR2Towel RackRBG001TR2.jpg210 x 137 x 272Steel
RBG001PRPaper RackRBG001PR.jpg330 x 150 x 113Steel


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